Avidus: Final Version Online

Well, look at that, the sun's come up again.

I think I'm done.  It's playable, kinda fun a bit atmospheric and far, far better than yesterday's version.  Instead of just running for the finish line and declaring victory, now there's actual levels... That get harder.  Then there's the menu screens.  They might not look like much, but I had to bash around the code base to work with them and it's much better off for it.

There are probably about 20 "just one more thing"s I could do.  The bombs really want to me an animated sprite (with swanky tiles I actually have sitting on my hard drive) and the distribution is a 7 MB zip file (really would be nice to attack it with py2exe).  The readme file is a little terse but I blame that on sleep deprivation.  

The most interesting gotcha you are likely to hit is the requirement for both numpy and scipy.  There are links in the readme file and they are easy to install... unless you are on 64-bit Windows.

Feedback is always welcome, but I'm going to go sleep now.