Day 6: The end is nigh!

Today has been epic, but still some stuff to do; one day left!

Revisiting my TODO from yesterday:

 - Display cash and the assets + their price. DONE
 - The graphic of Dr X and Dr Z (and their evil space stations!). DONE the doctors, not the space stations.
 - AI opponent. DONE.
 - Animations when using the assets.
 - Sound effects.
 - Win / lose.
 - A HUD. DONE (kind of).

Other stuff missing:

 - Game screen bg music.
 - At least one more tile.
 - Options screen (not sure about this; disable bg music?). DONE.
 - Intermediate screen before starting the game to select difficulty.
 - Cut scenes.

The AI part was difficult but it has been very useful because I made it play vs itself and it helped me to find 2-3 bugs that I wouldn't have triggered playing myself. I've added a "demo" mode in the menu so you can watch the Dr X and Dr Z kick some ass!

I don't think I'll add one extra tile (no space left in the HUD!), and I tried the difficulty levels and I don't like it, so my list is down to:

- Space stations.
- Using the assets: animation, shield up/down, etc.
- Win / lose screens.
- Sound effects, bg music for the game screen.
- I'd love to have at least one cut scene, but let's finish the important stuff first.

Tomorrow I need to spend some time drawing the space stations and then start programming the animations. Most of them will be easy (although I'm not sure what to do with the cow!).

Finally It's quite interesting how the code has evolved from "I have a plan" to "oh my! it is alive!". Hopefully a game, tomorrow is the last day!