First Diary Entry, a Bit Late (Screenshot Included)

Okay, so I haven't spent much time thinking of writing journal entries. Between working a full time job, getting extremely sick yesterday and trying to squeeze something out for this week's competition...I just haven't had the time or motivation to do one. I figured I would at least do one quick before I continue to hack away at the code.

For this week's entry I decided to do a theme around a sea turtle named "Penelope." My wife helped me come up with the idea, and then I looked up information on sea turtles to make sure it would fit the theme. Sea turtles are quickly being wiped away, and their biggest "nemesis" is actually us. They do have other predators as well, such as tiger sharks. I decided to make a game where you need to avoid sharks and nets, and eat things like jellyfish and sponges(2 different types of sea turtles eat these) for points. The goal for each level is to make it to the end beach to lay your eggs so the sea turtles may continue to live another day. I may change the end goal a bit but the concept remains the same. Oh yeah, and you need to surface every once in a while to regain your breath. :)

And this is what I have so far. All the graphics and programming have been done by me thus far. For not being an artist I am pretty happy with what I have been able to do. Animating my sea turtle was interesting. :) Most all of the framework has been done and the mechanic is almost complete, I just need to add some other interface elements such as points, add some more entities and get each level to end and move on to a harder difficulty appropriately.