One More Day

A decent amount of progress today, but from the looks of it I won't end up with something that resembles a game by the end of this. So far I basically have a top-down toy where enemies spawn and run into you until you die. You can click to "swing" a sword (I gave up on making b2RevoluteJoint work for now, so it doesn't actually swing yet...) to defend yourself. The graphics are just a whole bunch of flat rectangles, and there's no such thing as a UI. Definitely doesn't resemble a game.

I think I'm struggling a way more than I should be with Box2D, and that's taking a lot of time. Looking back, it would have probably been wiser to go with a more abstract game so I'd spend more time working on actual game mechanics instead of figuring out how to use that library.

Despite all that, I feel like I'm learning quite a lot from this experience. The end result is guaranteed to be terrible, but I've definitely had fun. I think I've spent a total of ~8 hours on this so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can hack together before the deadline.