So close to a real game

Getting there.  I would like to have been able to get the text flavours added tonight, but that's not going to happen.  Floaty text and end goal are the first things up tomorrow.  Maybe in the morning if I get up early.

I changed the way the the goo repulsion was implemented.  Instead of magically bumping back the goo, you now leave a poison bomb (and some followers) to poison the gunk.  It alters the colour and prevents it from growing for a few seconds.  The turbo power didn't change, but I've added a sandy pattern to the Ghost (walk through walls) power.  Also, you can't be harmed by the goo or pickup items in ghost form.  Finally, I beefed up the explosion.  The previous one wasn't as awesome (or useful) as I wanted, so I kicked it up a notch.  BOOOOM!

Also, I've been testing it at a lower frame rate (20 FPS).  On older machines this is about all you get.  If you've got something like a mid-range i5 or better, it will only get better.  I'm a bit concerned about how the goo speed tracks machine performance.  That's one downside of decoupling the 2D convolution from the game loop.  It doesn't slow down the game, but the goo can perform better on higher end machines.





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The explosion pattern required some light math: