Day 3.. I think.

Long, long day.  I'm quite happy with my progress though.  I've changed the player to a sprite and added obstructions to your paniced run from the goo.  The initial testing looked good:

Then I went and added a bunch of 'realistic' looking sprites.  Doesn't look too bad right now:
'Realistic' obstructions
I think I need to back off on the obstructions a bit :)

I spent the better part of three hours trying to get:
  1. The player (yellow circle for now) to collide correctly with object.  The collision detection by bounding rect works but the fine gained per pixel collide_mask() doesn't seem to work for me no matter what I do.  This is a problem when there are irregularly shaped obstructions.
  2. A way to dynamically build the obstruction sprite classes.  I had a great plan to use __metaclass__s  but that didn't seem to work the way I wanted.  Then I tried class closures but it failed too because... 1:30 AM.  Finally, I decided that I only have a handful of obstructions, I'll just build each of them.  
Next up:
  • Detect collisions with the goo.
  • Add weapons/abilities.
  • Title/End screens.
  • Add more (varied) obstructions.
  • Add a goal sprite.
  • Sleep