Three and a half days left?

Well that flew by quickly. I didn't get to work on my game much (well, at all, really) this week due to uni, but I've started to make some progress. Since this is my first diary entry, I guess I'll explain what I'm doing.

My game is called "The Last Thing I Do" (I have terrible naming sense), and it's a beat-em-up/brawler where you control a hero storming your nemesis's castle. In my mind it would have gameplay similar to the old beat-em-ups like Double Dragon, or the more recent Castle Crashers. It's distinctly room-by-room, as in you walk into one room, kill everything, then continue to the next. For the nemesis theme, I want a nemsis character to randomly appear during rooms to mess with the situation by casting spells; sometimes he'll throw fireballs, summon more monsters, buff up existing monsters, etc. In addition to that, I originally wanted the nemesis to actually appear as a boss battle (that the player is expected to lose, but weaken the nemesis with each fight) every few rooms, but I'm almost certain I won't be able to do that with the time I have left.

For this entry, I decided that I really didn't want to code a physics engine myself, so I went off to learn how to use (py)Box2D. That ended up being more of a struggle than expected, so I don't know if this alternative was any better as learning it + coding it into my game ate a total of about two to four hours of my time.

So what I have now is the following:

It's probably impossible to interpret what the hell is going on, so let me explain.
The red boxes are the game's entities, one of them being linked to the player. WASD lets the player move around, and the boxes can collide with each other (currently they end up just pushing each other around).
That wierd gray bit is the map constructed by a simple tile engine, which the boxes cannot leave. The background is green because why not.

As that screenshot shows, the game is WAY far from finished. I still have uni tomorrow so I don't think I'll get much done then, but I have both Friday and Saturday free. I think PyWeek ends on 10am Sunday for me, so perhaps if I pull some all-nighters the end result will actually look like a game.