Slow progress

Was definitely off to a slow start after being stumped with the winning theme, and being a bit put off that I wouldn't get to use my awesome idea for kryptonite.

Eventually (Tuesday Night) a game was decided on aiming to be somewhere in between FTL and Geometry wars. The user start with an initial ship made out of various "modules" and will face off against varying randomly generated enemy ships.

Each module can be assigned a key or keys that will activate the module and carry out whatever that module happens to do, i.e.. power engines, fire laser etc

So far coding has been slow, but I have a ship editor screen almost complete.

In the screen shot is engine modules, laser modules, shield modules, missile modules, the command module and "blank" modules.

Hopefully I can actually get something playable out of this, if not I am still pretty keen to explore this Idea after the competition.

Also there seem to have been a fair number of site outages, I assume this has been for everyone not just me.