The great Pygscape

working on a game of a pig escaping a slaughter house.  got the pick moving and turning correctly on the screen.  He is going to be a super pig with magical powers with his nemeis being the forman of the slaughterhouse.  Have some solid progress.  Wont have a lot of time the 3 of us will be out of time by friday evening, but having a lot of fun with this.  Working together well and coming together nicely.

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Can someone just to double check confirm for pygame which version we have to use.  The latest version of python 2.7x, and pygame 1.9x is acceptable right?

Yes, that's perfect! Python 2.7.x is the latest version of the 2 series and PyGame has been in 1.9.1 since 2009.

This is a very good checklist of the most common mistakes when distribution a PyGame game:
Ty reidrac on the clarification just wanted to be absolutely sure we wouldnt have to waste time
PyPE in the screen shot, nice.  I love that editor but had to give it up as it looses keyboard focus in the editor panel when I alt-tab away and back.  Drove me insane.  I'm reluctantly using PyScripter and fighting vi mussel memory and somewhat militant auto-completion.