Acroamatic Dreamer - [Final Build]

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Implemented Features:

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Day One Wrap-up:
Day Two Roadmap:
  • Block out a "grey box" tilemap.
  • Implement basic platformer physics.

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Day Two Wrap-up:
  • Tilemaps are being created from xml data exported from Pyxel Edit.
  • Cameras smoothly track their respective player.
Day Three Roadmap:
  • Implement platformer physics (rollover from Day Two).
  • Add additional game entities.
Day Three Wrap-up:
  • Platformer physics implemented and tweaked enough to make me happy.
  • Cameras and players are constrained to the play area.
Day Four Roadmap:
  • Game entities(one enemy, and a coin).
  • Make the sub scenes dynamically scalable.
Day Four Wrap-up:
  • Coins implemented.
  • The subscenes dynamically scale upon coin pickup.
Day Five Roadmap:
  • Implement an enemy.
  • Design cut scene transitions.
Day Five + Six Wrap-up:
  • Enemy behavior mostly complete.
  • Enemy, coin, and player placement loaded from tilemap.
  • Upped screen size/zoomed out cameras a bit.
Day Seven Wrap-up:
  • Added proper tiles + other graphical tweaks.