Day 2: Slow start, Cocos2d, some art

Yesterday's art attempt was a total disaster (oh, Inkscape!), so I spent today's commute thinking about alternatives... or how to draw what I want to draw (but I can't) in a way that is compatible with my actual skill.

Today I could only work for 4 hours because of work, but I had some progress.

First I've working in some concept art, put some place holders to see how the game screen will look like. That has been useful because it helped me to realize the tiles were too big and I didn't have room for the action on the bottom of the screen. I could try a higher resolution, but I'm going to stick to 640x480.

I've started with Cocos2d. It's the first time I use it, so it's been a little bit of a shock.

First screenshot

I've started with the general code structure and the game menu, to start with something simple. Cocos2d seems to be very smart and I like how is "directing" me (haha, Cocos2d phun!), so I think we're going to be good friends.

After having diner I had lost all my steam for today, so I tweaked a little bit the menu and wasted some time with "thy olde" SoundTracker to write a tune I've had in my head since I had the idea of the mad scientists. It's not perfect, but I think adds character to the game. I'm not sure if I'll keep the style during the game scene.

So far so good. Tomorrow I'll start working on the game scene, hopefully Cocos2d will be gentle with me.

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I like what you have so far. I haven't played with Cocos2d before, but I've heard good things about it. Chiptunes are something that I'm very interested in, but it's very over my head at the moment. How do you plan to get the songs in game? Do you save them out as a wav/ogg?
I'm using SongTracker that can "render" the XM song in a wav that can be converted to ogg, and that's what I'm using. When you play a loop of the song is not perfect (you can hear when the song starts over), but I think is a good compromise between quality and portability (will work "everywhere").
Oh, it's "SoundTracker" not "SongTracker"!

It's a little bit outdated and hard to use, but there aren't many options for Linux :(