So far...

So far I've struggled for an hour or so with Python's importing scheme and a clean up of the code is due to tomorrow. Everything just looks so hack and slashy... And I'm so tired right now!

However, I've made progress. I've got the basics pinned down, even if I am using dirt-cheap methods. I have set up a way to make enemies move in complex patterns, now I just have to implement levels and powerups, and finish the scoring system. Then I should work in gameplay, story and giving the game some graphics (I am in love with the octopus I made, though).

The game is going to be a bullet hell, pretty much, where you either fight or help Goddess Nemesis (haven't decided).

Having so little time has made me ten times more productive that I have ever been, guess that is just how I work.

I've had a lot of fun, I hope I'll finish and I wish the best of luck to everybody! <3

Edit: It is great to see the screenshots of everybody's games. I've also NO idea what to name my game thus far. x3