Day 1 summary

Thought hard about the theme of the first I was thinking a "nemesis" is just a foe or enemy.  But I soon realized it's more than that.  A nemesis is someone who almost always beats you.  Someone you wish retribution on.  I wanted to come up with an idea that encapsulates this idea.

So I've settled on an idea that might be a little complex for one week, but I'm going to try my best.

Here's the idea:

You're a farmer trying to eliminate pests trying to eat your crops.  Eliminate too many of the same type of pest too fast, and you become their "nemesis", and these enemies become stronger and faster.  The strategy to this game is to try to vary the order in which you kill enemies.  I want to try to have the critters turn from cutesy to "evil-cutesy" when you become their nemesis - kind of like the bunny in Monty Python (HA!).

I am a little worried this will be a ton of work on the art side, since it does depend on a variety of different sprites to be made (I am NOT an artist). Hopefully some simplistic pictures/animation will do the game justice.

Today I got all the high-level coding framework in place, as well as some simplistic collision detection.  I also found some public-domain farm graphics I can use.