Day 1-ish thoughts

Well, it really is Day 2 now since 27 hours have passed :p

So I was kinda hoping for "sidekick" since I could've done something that had to do with controlling two things at once, but I'm doing fine now with the current theme.

My game involves climbing the obstacle-filled floors of your nemesis' tower for no real reason at all. There's going to be levels where the player navigates through mazes, and there's going to be boss fight levels, where the player has to shoot bullets at his nemesis while dodging waves of other bullets that are coming from him (or it?). That might happen every fifth floor or so.

My artistic ability is next to nil, though, so everything is literally a pygame.Rect right now :p Also, before this challenge even started, the only experience I had with PyGame were through a bunch of tutorials; I never made anything for myself using PyGame before this. It shows in many places in the code...

There's quite a few design decisions I made to simplify things. One of them is that every level is the size of one screen; that is, there's no scrolling. Another thing is that everything is going to be a square to simplify collision detection, which I have had a ton of trouble with so far, but as of this writing, everything (mostly) works. There's three levels so far, although I'll definitely have to change them since they are all for testing purposes. Right now, I got player movement working, as well as pits and floor tiles that turn into pits, and I hope to add turrets that shoot square bullets.

If I have time later on, I could get better textures, and add freely licensed sounds and music, but we'll see :)

I guess that's all I have to say right now. :) Everyone else's stuff is looking pretty interesting.