Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

My name is Michael Purdy.  I am very excited to participate in this year's PyWeek.  I recently finished my enlistment in the United States Marines Corps, and towards the end of my enlistment, I had the joy of being deployed during last year's pyweek...  Boo!

Don't worry though!  I still did it!  Sort of...

With a VERY small programming background (2 classes in high school 8 years ago), no internet, pydoc, and the pygame manual, I set off to make a video game.  Based on an event that actually happened to a friend of mine during a deployment, I made a game.  (Please note that due to Operational Security, I have censored the information about the military member, unit, and deployment)

What resulted was playable, and fun.  Though it was horrible coding.  HORRIBLE!  Possibly the worst this site has seen!  Still, it taught me the most important thing.  That I CAN make a game!

Please, don't look towards this as an example of proper coding, but look at it as an example of adapting and overcoming, and of perseverance.  There were no principles of Object-Oriented Programming, nor did I even use the tools that were available to me via the pygame library to their fullest (or even proper!) intent.

The music is all copyrighted by their respective artists, and I do not intend to sell the game what so ever.  The zip file is so large because (like I said, I had no internet), the only way I was able to capture the music for the intro of the game was by ripping it from a DVD with VLC player.

I hope you enjoy the game, and I can't wait for pygame to start!  My wife right now is 38 weeks pregnant, and I'm really hoping I can participate; besides, he should be out before it starts! :)

- Michael Purdy

And, with no further ado...


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If you think your code isn't the best, wait until you see mine ;-) Welcome back and I hope you have some fun :-)