hi, new in here

hi, I'm Rahul, I have a keen interest in Game Development as a hobbyist. About 2 week ago i'm searching for how to develop open source games. That time i found PyWeek challenge after visiting the site, i found that after 1 month challenge will start. I see last year winners projects and they made incredible games. I'm naive in Game programing but I now little python but good in c and java. I haven't yet tried in game programming. Can you guys please suggest me what are the things i need in this challenge, is their any beginer game programming book, I'm naive in game programming. I think now only 20 days left. Is it good idea to take participate this year or i will try on next year.

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Welcome to PyWeek! Definitely give it a go this year! A huge benefit of open source is that you can take one of the games you like and play around with it. Make the hero move faster. Add a new map. Make the enemies smarter. Add a new type of enemy. This is a gradual way to learn by reading and doing and is how I learned a lot of game programming. (In the obscure Star Control 2-inspired project Time Warp.)

If you start exploring now, you'll be ready for PyWeek! Try not to be overly ambitious in your design. A simple design can go a long way (e.g. http://pyweek.org/e/Tee-py15/).
If you're looking to use PyGame (which is what most entries for PyWeek use) I've written a fairly short tutorial on how to get started: http://nerdparadise.com/tech/python/pygame/basics/

If focuses a little bit on game logic, but mostly on how to use the major functionality of PyGame. 

Good luck!
Thanks for encouragement cyhawk and blakehare. I must first have to play around with open source games.
PyGame tutorials are worth to me.