Newbie looking to tag along


I got into Python a few months ago and have learned the ropes on my own.
Unfortunately, I do not really have any connections in the programming field, so all of my inspiration and motivation has to be internal.
I joined this site in order to see if I can fix myself among a group of veterans, to see if I can learn a thing or two from the way more experienced programmers work.

I don't intend to contribute to a group, I'm more or less interested in watching you folks work, ask questions, and keep up with your activities.  I could also serve as a game-tester, if that's needed.

I'd like to be able to see the inner workings of a game under construction, as well as the inner workings of a programming team motivated toward a goal.  Right now, all I know about completing large projects is muddled and based in imagination, so I think it'd be very valuable for me to take a look at the way the true coders out there work.

I hope someone can appreciate my position, and invite me into a group so that I may continue my learning and hopefully make a friendly connection or two.

Shoot me an email at if you're willing to have me on board.

Thanks a lot,

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Welcome, and have a blast!

Definitely try to code a game. See the tutorial I gave last week at US PyCon (video will appear very soon) for an idea of how to do it, or you could try downloading some of the previous winners and poke around their source.

For your first game, I recommend starting small (one or maybe two high-level game mechanics) and expecting to fail :-)
If you want to learn the coding side of it then I think you should write some code. The great thing about pyweek is it's only a week, so even if everything goes horribly wrong you can throw it all away at the end and you'll have learned something for next time. Observing the more enlightened programmers is interesting, but not very useful without practice. Why not do both?

If you do decide to jump in and don't mind failing, I'd be happy to do a team entry with you :) I'll have limited time on the weekdays so I'm looking to work on something simple and fun regardless, but I'd much rather do a team entry.