Lightweight Python Game Library

I created a new library for raw access to OpenGL/OpenAL, along with some windowing and event handling. It's pretty spartan at the moment, I plan on adding some free-floating extension modules, similar to the way SDL does things with SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net, etc.

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You probably want to mention somewhere that it requires glfw :-)

[and as far as I can tell, without installing it, glfw uses X11 on OS X which is unfortunately suboptimal]
GLFW uses Cocoa, and the dylib I included in libs/ works without being installed (only when it's in the same folder as __main__ for the time being until I get access to an OSX machine to fix it). Unfortunately the OSX Python interpreter is having a very strange issue with import (issue #1 in the issue tracker).
I'm currently writing an extension library for this similar to the sort you would get with Slick or Pyglet, with texture loading and storage, and abstractions around positional audio.