Windows bundle uploaded

Although I made the final submission yesterday, I gave it a go in an old Windows laptop my partner has around here and I've uploaded a ZIP file with a Windows bundle.

It is exactly the same game that has been py2exe-processed to provide an easier experience in Windows systems.

Disclaimer: it's been quite painful and it's my first time with py2exe, so I'd appreciate if you use the source code version in case the Windows bundle doesn't work for you.

To my surprise the performance of the game in Windows is notably better than in Linux, comparing an old 1GB Celeron bloated laptop with my regular 3GB i3. It's probably something related to graphic card drivers I guess :(

PS: I believe this is "legal" (I got a mail from Richard saying that I have 24 hours to upload the game). If is it not, please let me know and I'll delete the file!

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It is entirely legal. Sunday is for packaging and fixing small things. ("Oops, I used backslashes in paths.", "Oops, I left half the game commented out for testing.")
I read the rules, I promise! But looks like... I missed that part!

Thanks for confirming my suspicions :)
The windows/linux performance discrepancy reminds me of some old memory...

Make sure you're running using the python -O flag. Without it, pyglet does lots of error checking (I think on validity of opengl inputs and checking the return values from opengl calls.) For me, this caused a 5x slowdown on Linux (although it had less effect on Windows)

Of course, you probably want to run without -O during development, to see useful diagnostics.
Thanks for the tip but it doesn't seem to make any difference here with PyGame.