I think I'll stop here. There's a win condition and a loss condition. And I figured out how to modify the HTML on the page so you get a log there what is going on. The darkness also looks nicer now.

My experiment to use Python3 for HTML games is basically successful. The outcome is that pyjs needs a lot of work to produce more efficient Javascript (or browsers need to do HTML5 more efficiently, I never used Javascript/HTML5 myself since I refuse to code in anything but Python - therefore not sure if native code would be much faster). I really missed WebGL support, I think that may have helped a lot.

Also some language constructs like super() don't seem to work properly yet. But I suppose I should simply file a bug report about that and they'd fix it.

The final version (As submission I'll put the .py sources plus the exact same .html files into a .zip) is here:

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I'm played it on Chromium and there was a bit of lag with one of the monsters but otherwise the game ran fine.

The darkness and the monsters look really good. Did you draw and animate all 10 monsters in a week?
No, all art is taken from