final day

Final day already, which kinda is the first day for me as well this time. I didn't get to work on pyweek on Sunday, then had to work Monday through Friday. With no free evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday :( So what I did was use Thursday evening and Friday evening for playing around a bit with pyjs, a python to javascript compiler.

This allows me to write a game in 100% standard Python3, but then translate it into Javascript (a rather slow Javascript as it's completely dynamic like Python). The result seems to only work fast enough in Firefox and on a rather fast i7. Still, I wanted to try Python3 instead of Python2 as well as something new besides just the standard CPython so I'm happy.

Now the game itself is nothing great. The idea is that you walk around but it's a one-way-trip, i.e. you can never step back. The map behind the player simply disappears. This screenshot should make it clear (I hope to improve graphics a bit still and not just have all black tiles):

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Looks good.  Put the code up.  I would be interested in giving it a try since I have no experience with pyjs and am curious to see how it works.  Is Firefox faster than Chrome?  I only have a i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz.  Maybe my processor isn't fast enough.