No news is good news

I spent most of the first two days looking for ideas, inspiration, something that I could implement... and it was completely useless. I was completely paralysed.

Then I started to wonder if that was the problem. I always end doing nothing because... I don't start anything at all or I get lost in a vague idea that I can't implement. So, what if I just start doing the first thing that comes to my mind? And that's what I'm doing.

Game menu screen

I know I can't finish a complete game. Basically because two reasons: first of all I'm not a graphic artist, but at the same time I so perfectionist that I kind of need it to look "reasonably good" (meaning: time waste!), and secondly the game genre I'm implementing needs an engine + a game script, and I don't think I'll have time for both. Well, at least I'll try to submit something playable!

So far I have a player, a basic engine, the game loop and all the menu, score, hit count, and "game over" bits. I have one day left to create some enemies (graphic frustration guaranteed!), power ups, and write an script for at least one stage.

I've created all the media with mtpaint, gimp and audacity (wait for the explosions!); and I'd love to compose a sound track with soudtracker, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time (and the inspiration!)

Finally I'm discovering how cool is PyGame. This is my first "serious" project with it and I've found it makes a lot of stuff for you (in fact it does a little bit too much, feels like it's spoiling the fun of programming a game!).

Wish me luck!