1st Things First

I'm now going to learn some of this Python language that you are all talking about. After that I'll cobble a game together and see how I get on... good luck everyone, especially me...

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Am I supposed to add a new diary entry every time I have something interesting to say, or should I just reply to this original message each time?
Whichever you like! Either way your post will move to the top of the discussion list, so others will see it.
OK, I'll just post here, then to save clogging up the message list with loads of inane rubbish...

So I'm entering pyweek and I've not been pythoning very long. I have done a fair amount with php so I am not new to programming. My game is probably going to be very simple and silly in comparison to many of the other entries but I thought it may be fun anyway. I am using pygame and I've not decided on a name for my game, but I have a few ideas for the game.

It is a single player game, and the point is that you have to help a group of garden peas on their "One Way Trip". I'm not sure where they are going or why, but they are going on this trip and you have to help them overcome a number of tasks and at the end your score is based on the percent that you helped compared to the number that are lost on the way. In my head it sounded silly, I just hadn't realised how silly until I typed it out and saw it in writing :p Still, like I said, it is a first attempt at pyweek and I thought it may be fun to enter and I may learn a bit from it and have not illusions about winning or even finishing in the top 20 (or even top 100).
The silliest game ideas are sometimes the best ;-)

Good luck! Concentrate on trying to finish a game; it's harder than it seems. And Congratulations, you just finished in the top 100! (there are only 72  participants :)