Avengers and pyweek themes...

WARNING: Avengers movie SPOILERS

These themes, well 2 of them remind me of the new Avenger's movie.

After realizing this, it occurred to me that all these themes are lifted directly from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avengers_Assemble_(soundtrack)

So after some further thought:
  • One Way Trip - This is where Iron man sacrifices his life (or nearly so) to destroy the alien world.
  • Seeing Not Believeing - This is probably referring to the portal that opens and the aliens that come out...
  • A Little Help - Not so sure about this, perhaps this is when Shield sends a nuke to destroy manhattan.

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Wait, there are people who haven't seen it? That's unpossible!
This explanation helps, at first blush it seemed like a rather vague theme list to me.