PyWeek #15 is coming!

I've set the count-down: PyWeek number #15 will start on September the 9th! Start warming up your coding now :-)

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I've been thinking about writing a 2D game engine with Python - as long as I develop it in the open (i.e, host it on a site like GitHub), could I use it with PyWeek 15? I ask because the official rules state you need to release any libraries you want to use for PyWeek one month ahead of time, and there's less than 30 days (I think) to September 9th. On top of that, I haven't written any code for my theoretical engine yet, so I'm a bit confused on whether I'd be allowed to use it or not. 
I'd say develop it during the week and it's all ok. I think that developing code now that you intend to use during the week is really not fair on the others in the challenge.
But if I developed it on, say, GitHub prior to PyWeek 15, that would mean everyone else could use the code I'd made if they wanted, right?
Absolutely! As long as they know about it well in advance of the challenge - and I think one month is the minimum reasonable amount of time for someone to be able to discover and then evaluate a brand-new library before the challenge. Starting now would be, in my eyes, a little late for it to be reasonable for someone else to be able to pick up your library (actually, I think it'd be unreasonable to start a new game library now and have it bug-free and well-documented before PyWeek #15 :-)
Makes sense. Ah well, I'll wait for PyWeek 16 to use it then. :)
Feel free to develop it during pyweek #15 as part of the game you work on :-)
I thought about doing that, but decided against it - what I have in mind is not something that could be developed inside a week, unfortunately.
Hi guy's introduce to myself here,

I'm patrice 24 years old, a nice french guy and new python user ( less than a week..) I would like to work on a game for this new pyweek competition but actually i can't do it alone. First I'm a graphic designer and more and more I would like to improve my skills helping me working on a game by myself. So if someone would like to join me in this pyweek adventure feel free :

Just to show you kind of art i've already done :

Oups ! so put it here :

a mockup for a game i'm working on with a friend

a simply illustration around our project, just to announce the demo version ( soon..)

an old project called cowboy vs zombie

the Game Over screen

a three part picture making for my son.

I think it's enough, so as I said if someone would like to try making something for this event. you know where I am

Ooh, I wish I had time to put in a proper entry this challenge and make use of your talent! I hope you get snapped up by some worthy team :-)
" I hope you get snapped up by some worthy team :-) "

Not yet ;) If you need help and if you want to discuss about a project after the theme vote just send an e-mail to :