Alias - Postmortem #2

Well, Pyweek 14 is over, and my first PyWeek entry didn't do so bad - I finshed 30th in the individual category. If I could do PyWeek 14 over, here's what I observed and would have done differently (yes, I made a previous post-mortem, but I have the advantage of seeing what people who played my entry said):
All that being said, I feel relatively satisfied with what I was able to produce. It didn't have all the features I originally wanted - I aimed way too high for my first PyWeek, but hey, it was a good learning experience. Hopefully I'll be able to make a better 3D game come PyWeek 15. :)

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Nice post-mortem, thanks!

I wrote my first solo 3D game from the ground up. It's a bit of work. I recommend you have a crack at the relevant concepts (model loading and rendering, some collision handling stuff and so on) before PyWeek to get a feel for them.