Quite happy with this one. Overall, I didn't do so well as last time (3.03 vs 3.42), but I spent a lot less time on it.

The fun score (3.6) was my best so far I think.

One of the criticisms I got was
"Needed less punishing death and more rewards for the player in progressing upward."
which is fair. I thought about having checkpoints but thought that it wouldn't work for such a simple game. If I were to expand it I think I would need to add additional gameplay elements (e.g. enemies) so it doesn't get too repetitive.

After a disastrous start, I managed my time pretty well and came up with a plan that was actually achievable. I had plenty of time left for testing, packaging etc. this time round.

I used sfxr for the first time for sound effects, which is awesome

My hacky method of generating the map actually worked! Making it actually possible to win is tricky :/

It wasn't particularly innovative. I need to come up with some more interesting ideas next time.

I think a slower pace and more mazelike levels would have been better, but I just didn't have the time.

I didn't use the full 7 days, so the game is very simple and short. I think next time I might set aside more time and maybe do a team entry?

Favourite entries:
Cloud Shepard:
Multiverse Factory 14:

See you next pyweek :)

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Great use of the of the tiles. I considered to to used that file from Richard but I didn't have time. I'll do next time.
Your game is very fun although during the voting time I couldn't figure out what each powerup was for ;D


PS: I'm glad you liked my game :)