How to Play Dr. Chemical's Lab

Windows binary:
Mac binary: <in progress>
Source: dr-chemicals-lab-0.1.tar.gz

How to play:
This game is made to be multiplayer - for the best experience, find a partner. If you can't however, that's fine - there is a survival mode. To play multiplayer, just start the game up and wait at the title screen until you see your partner. Then click each other's name.

Your goal is to survive by not getting crushed by the descending ceiling. You can raise the ceiling, and lower the enemy ceiling, by bonding atoms together to form a chain, and then by closing the chain so that it becomes a loop.

If your loop contains more than 3 atoms, you will drop (number of atoms in chain - 3) weapons into the enemy tank.

Control your player with WASD. Up is jump. Down does nothing. If you use dvorak you can pass in a --dvorak option. Same for --colemak.

Use the mouse to aim. Left click is main fire and right click is alt fire.

The Grapple Gun:
Press `1` to select your grapple gun.

Main fire: Click to shoot out your claw, which will attach to the first thing it hits. Hold to retract the chain in, pulling you and the claw closer together. Release when the claw is near enough to you to retract the claw so that you can fire again.
Alt fire: When the claw is attached to a faraway object, this will release it.

Strategy: Use this to move around quickly and get a better angle with the other 2 guns. Note that you can switch weapons while your claw is attached to something. (A ceiling, perhaps?)

The grapple gun is also good for maneuvering large chains of atoms into a position to make the ends touch.

The Ray Gun
Press `2` to select your ray gun.

Main fire: Click to draw in an atom and hold it with your gun. If the atom is bonded to others, this will disconnect it. Click again to shoot the atom out.
Alt fire: Click when you are holding an atom to drop it.

Strategy: Use this to move atoms about exactly where you want them to go. It can be tricky, since you destroy the bonds when you move an atom. It is most effective when putting unbonded atoms into place.

The Lazer Gun
Press `3` to select your lazer gun.

Main fire: Destroy atoms.

Strategy: This is good for getting you out of a dire situation, or for getting those annoying atoms out of the way so you can connect a big chain.

Known bugs:

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any idea why the game would segfault when I try and start? I can view the controls screen ok but not start the game.

I'm using...
Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
Try running it with --survival to disable networking, or with --nofx to disable sound.

I only tested it with...
python 2.7.3
pyglet 1.1.4
pymunk 2.1.0
Didn't help :(
Sorted it out now, avbin was the problem
Hope you have fun! Hit me up on IRC if you want someone to play against.