The deadline has passed - Now for the fun part!

Python Pulsar is one of the most addictive games I've ever played.
If you have ever had FIFA or CoD rage, you will probably experience a similar level of self-competitiveness(?) with this haha.

So far we've just revealed concept art, so here's a couple screenshots to give you a feel of the in-game atmosphere.

We've designed a tutorial in-game, just click on 'Enlighten' on the Menu screen.
The basics are that you control the white orb (Pulsar) which emits those pink things (Particles) and generated energy by hitting the black orbs (Gravitons). It's actually really tricky though because those Gravitons, have their own gravity which will suck you in and weaken your Pulsar's stability. Not to mention the fact they multiply when you've sapped enough energy out of them so the screen quickly fills making it harder to float around. When things get too much just press spacebar to swap screens (Instances) and take on the challenge from their.

Mac users even get a nifty little icon on their dock and everybody gets local highscores, which we think is pretty sweet!

Just click my name, to play the game.
Leave your highscores in a comment below!
Mine's 835.7.

Having played a couple of games from this years submissions I'd have to say Conway has really impressed me! It's such a fun game, I quickly found myself creating chain-reactions and pixel characters than don't do a lot of damage, but remind me of space invaders, and that can only be a good thing right?


Looking forward to playing some more before a new week begins.
Which games are taking your fancy?

All the best,

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Thanks, Luke, I'm really glad you like Conway :). I spent a lot of time experimenting with chain reactions and creating various shapes etc. I think I spent more time doing that than coding the game this week!

I love this part of the competition - it's a lot of fun trying out all of the games that people have worked so hard on. I have been out all day so I'm going to dive into the submissions right away!
So far all i can muster is a measley 639.3 kWh...

Also I shall be plaing conway now!