Final game uploaded

Well, I had no time for documentation, help menu, artwork and many other things.

By the way, unzip the file and execute

For playing you'll need a compatible webcam and something with 2 areas of a bright colour that will be your input device. (see video at
In configuration you can left-click for choosing the color to be tracked and use wheel for adjusting threshold. Once you see the tracking is well calibrated, right-click.

If there's no compatible webcam, mouse input will be used.

The gameplay is simple, you drive a miniaturized ship and make viruses to crash against each others while avoid to touch them.


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Where do I get pylab?  I tried installing the only thing I could find that sounded releated, and it didn't seem to be correct.

Also everyone would be advised to do a find-replace for tabs into 4 spaces for to get it to compile.  That won't do me any good without the appropriate library though.
Congrats on 5/5 on every vote for innovation!