Holy pulsars and particles, it's Mad Science for PyWeek!

So who managed to get their PyProject finished in time?

We are PyGeeks (formerly Team Frank) and we are unbelievably proud of Python Pulsar.

From day one we insisted on creating a truly original game.
You may draw similarities from games such as BM Tron and Skyrim (for pure epicness) but seriously, you will soon discover that this game really is unique.

Here's some concept art from the game:

Can you guess what it does?

We're not only new to PyWeek but actually new to Python itself so we'd love to get involved in the community.

Please feel free to send us your screenshots or ideas and just generally have a good ole geeky chat... just leave a comment on our diary!

A big thanks to Bitcraft and blueDragon for their advice and we'd love to meet more of you gamers, developers, designers, sound engineers etc. Of course a huge thanks to our developer aliswee!

You know what, I can't resist... check this beast out:

Looking forward to your comments and can't wait to share the game with you all!

All the best, Luke.

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Well, what can I say.. 566.8 kWh!  
I tried the game a few min ago and I loved it.
I'm also happy that my help was useful :)
I'll definitely post a longer review on your page when the judging actually starts :)
That's exactly what we wanted to hear. So glad you loved it!
Have you finished your game?
Nope, I failed.
I had to scrap the original idea (too much ambitious for the time I had) and then I tried a different one which was actually no fun. In the end I had two swarms of robots (circles firing particles) fighting each other on their own, without the player being able to influence their behaviour in a significant way.
Oh that's a shame. Maybe next time then. Time is definitely the biggest constraint with PyWeek, but actually that's why I found it so exciting and I hope we've reflected that if you can come up with a solid idea from Day One, the rest comes relatively easy. At least for the designer haha.

What's your highscore on python:Pulsar?
566.8 kWh :)
I plan to play it again when it's time to judge games (we have to wait until Monday to give votes afaik).
I just broke the 1000 kWh marker =]