What's that? Got your first pyweek submission submitted? SWEET AS

Good News!

We managed to upload our game, python: PULSAR

It was so stressful towards the end, all of a sudden the game just started to break. I couldn't handle the pressure, then Luke my team mate reassured me and all became well again.

The game I feel I am happy with, I've not been into programming long so this was a challenging experience, but I can honestly say i have learnt so much.

I feel we made the write decision to go with an arcade game, not too complicated to implement, but it should be no less fun! I think the idea we had was good, and I think it's original? (let me know if you know of similarities)

Anyway I hope that if you've read this far, you'll venture to play our game.

Want to say a massive thanks to my team mates, bitcraft, blueDragon, python, pygame and all the people who make this competition happen(or is it just one guy?)

Signing out, yours oh so truly,