Adding pretty and content

Today was about prettifying and content. We filled in numerous missions, we added more tech items, we added lots of graphics and fixed numerous bugs and generally spent far too much time working at a frantic pace, but the game is finally in reasonable shape.

It's not balanced, or even that well playtested, but it is possible to win the game (and we even added a "you've won" screen).

The reduced team, and the corresponding lack of student members able to work on the game during working hours,  did limit what we could achieve. Several features got dropped on the floor near the end - there was a plan to have more evnents happen, and the possiblity of attacks on your base, for example - due to lack of time, and several schemes need more fleshing out, but the central game concept is there, and hopefully will entertain the players.

As always, pyweek was a blast, with far too much frantic coding, and not enough considered thought or forward planning, but, as always, I more than little amazed at what can be produced in a week.

Now on to the really fun bit - judging the other games.