Yellow and Dangerous - Day 7

This ways a triumph. I'm making a note here stating that I'm in some kind of trance state, spent like 20 hours without break creating 12 levels. And I may have a slight caffeine overdose :P Anyway, it's all done, except packaging... which I hope to work on tomorrow.

It's a long time I had so much fun, so thanks Richard for organizing this again :) And thanks to all the nice people in IRC for keeping me company during the week.

Next year I definitely need to prepare packaging earlier, I do expect I'll get a lot of does-not-works. And next time I also need to take the week off work, I had some overtime to balance so was able to work a few hours less. But still, really could have used more time... there's so many level ideas I couldn't implement... and well, the packaging alone could use a whole day or two.

allefant on 2012/05/12 23:27 of Yellow and Dangerous
edited on 2012/05/13 12:00