Installing Pyglet - "Python 2.4 or later required"

I tried to install Pyglet to try one of the finished games but the Windows installer gave the following error: "Python 2.4 or later is required"
.... however, I do have Python 2.7!

I've found the following solution here: 
- download Pyglet source and extract it in a folder
- run the following two commands in that folder using the command prompt:
python build python install I successfully managed to run the game after that. However, it seems that installing Pyglet from source has no sound support, AvBin must be installed separately (see

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Just to clarify, pyglet can play sound without avbin. IIRC it just needs avbin to decode some sound sources on some platforms (ie. where the platform doesn't directly support decoding the source in question.)

Yeah, it's about time there was a new pyglet release :-(