A game in 10 hours? Come on

I am well under way, having started only a few hours ago. I have decided on this general idea:

My game will be a "Card game". It will be text based and will use stdout for output, stdin for input and will look quite ugly.

There is a deck of 20 "Sciency" cards (their names show that a certain lack of imagination was present when making them up). Each card gives "points" in "chemistry", "physics" and "Mathematics", and additionally most cards will double the value of some other cards in the deck provided you built the "prerequisite" first (the idea is that mechanics is much more awesome if you have access to calculus than if you don't).

There are two players, one human and one computer controlled (myskomannen). The player can defeat myskomannen by beating him in two areas, but the ammount by which he outshines myskomannen doesn't matter. Myskomannen, of course, tries to do the same (I am not very skilled as an AI programmer).

So how far from succeeding am I? Well, this is a very very simple game, so it is nearly finished.