Hi all, I've collected some pre-made music which is licensed with the GNU General Public License which will be used in the pyweek entry. To comply with the rules, this music can be found on our website already, and is available to other entrants as well.

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OK. Having read the rules once again, I'm pretty clear on all but one point regarding the music. Whilst I've every intention of writing the music for my game, if I don't find myself with sufficient time, I'd like to use music written by other members of the very active and varied music scene here on the Isle of Man. I have been given permission in advance to use music by many local artists and bands, and many have offered to write something during the course of the next week, but some have already written pieces which I think may be suitable. This pre-existing music is mostly available for download via sites like MySpace, so I'm happy that it's been publically available to all other competition entrants for at least a month. However, in some cases the music may only have been available on self published CDs, and whilst I feel this also constitutes publically available, it's very unlikely that any of the other entrants will actually have access to them. Should I be allowed to use tracks which only appear on publically available, but limited distribution CDs?
As long as you can obtain a license to use it in your game - which necessarily includes license to redistribute - then it's fine.

If the artists aren't aware already, point them at the Creative Commons to help them license their music for your use.

Oh, and if you have any sites with downloadable free-to-use music, then please add links to the resources page!