Yellow and Dangerous - Day 6

Yay, level 2! I made a brick floor and a tree. And an elephant. And my mad scientist wears a gown now (not animated, don't think right now is the time to figure out Blender's cloth animation). Also not sure why I started on this outdoors tileset instead of a proper lab tileset that would go with my story...

I also realized that I would have saved time doing the whole game in 3D instead of 2D. All the sorting and masking would then have been taken care of by the depth-buffer and I wouldn't need to pre-render anything o_O Also could let everything cast shadows then.

Gameplay-wise I implemented re-loading of levels. And ikanreed's comment in my last diary entry made me realize just how stupid my level format was and I changed it to a simple 10x10 ASCII grid now :P

So tomorrow it's level design day. My goal is 5-10 rooms with some (more or less obvious) puzzles.