Close to an ending

So I managed to get the collision detection almost working (currently I'm trying to not get the bullets hitting inside the collision box and just bounce once)
Got a somewhat nice title and an ending screen to show your score (not much, but it's usefull)
I have decided to let the player turn on or off the shadow area generated by the arm, as it's sometimes too dificult. Especially the first times, I'll probably reward with extra points if it's on

Also, I'm considering resizing the screen from 800x600 to 1024x768, since graphics are a bit big and it seems a bit cluttered, also it'll give the player more room to navigate.

Sounds are working, but there is no music, at least for now, not sure if this will change as I know nothing about composing.

So, what's left?

Why do I have to work? I would finish it today if I had the day free (and tomorrow I'll be traveling so it'll be hard to get anything done)