Day three and help plee.

Day three went well, not as much time spent coding as I'd like but you know what they say "slow and steady..."

So yesterday I got the particles(bullets) to work and have limited life. I made the magnets(baddies) die when the partciles hit them but now I've reached a stage where I need help!

First: I'm fairly new to python, pygame and programming in general and having trouble getting py2exe to work, it isn't copying any of the files I ask it to.

Second: Anyone know any good animation tutorials/ examples using pygame?

Third: What the best way to implement a title menu and end highscore?

Sorry if that's a bit vague I really am in unknown territory now. Many thanks.


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My advice is to not worry about py2exe right now.  Since all the judges will have python installed you don't need to have a exe for them to use.  After pyweek you can wrestle with it and make an exe to show your family and friends.  

High scores are pretty easy.  Keep a list of scores and sort them.  When the game closes, write that list to a file.  Next time when the game starts, read the file and store it in the 'high scores' list.  If that sounds like too much work, then don't try to too hard, just focus on getting the game finished.

Good luck!
> Third: What the best way to implement a title menu and end highscore? 

About menus:
richard posted a Game development tutorial (discussion: video:
At around 2h:18m-2h:19m in the video, it starts talking about menus: the nice thing is that switching from the menu to the game and back is just basically switching from a pygame-drawing-loop to another.