Day one and two

Day one:

Got together with Luke to 'mind map' our ideas on the theme. I had benn fermenting an idea of making a 'Pang 96' remake; Luke basically said "No". Rightly so, we want to make something fresh and new and remake aren't that. So with that mind we took inspiration from the theme and my favourite mad scientist - Nikola Tesla - and came up with some kind of quantum physic, electromagnetism inspired idea. Sweet.

Day Two:

Bank holiday in the UK. YES! Plenty of time to code, or at least that's what I thought, it went something like this:

At this point we have two players that move, using accelaration.
The players bounce off walls and switch sides.
Created simple magnet class, they move and bounce off the walls
The attempt to implement gravity...
Gravity implemented. Messign around with the gravitational contant is quite fun, really fun infact.
Getting some really cool sling-shot mechanics.
Now time to create some destructive particles.
Added timer so that we can set rate of 'particle' pulse.
Took flipping ages to get the particles to create where the player is...
But finally done and it looks good.

So all in all, mechanics of the game nearly done. I am pleased. Latest screen shot to come...