Monday draws to a close

So that's monday over then. Blimey.

The Conway's game of life idea is still fuzzy but I'm working on the idea of defeating a deadly virus by creating cells that will kill the virus on contact. Or something. Sciencey though, right?

I originally wanted the player to earn cells to distribute in the game-of-life screen by completing puzzles or matching blocks or something, but I have had to be realistic about my time so I've cut the ambition of the project down to just the game of life stuff. I hereby dub the game 'Conway'. I have no idea whether it will be a success or not, I just know that I've spent more time playing around with the simulation that actually coding tonight. I was far more excited than is decent when a 'glider' formed out of random cell patterns and made it's way across the screen.

The code (such as it is at present) is on Github at and I'll try to upload it here too (I have had issues uploading things like many here in the past day or so).

If you do run the code, the only dependency right now is PyGame. I'm developing against Python 2.7 and Pygame 1.9 but I'll try my best to ensure it works on a wide range of Python configurations later in the week. Click the mouse to introduce a 'blinker' object.

My one concern is that players will need to understand how Conway's game of life works. I'll probably have to add a tutorial.