Day 1: We have a game (well, maybe)

Although it took some time to settle on exactly how we'd handle the theme, we seem to have settled on a workable idea. In the true spirit of mad science, it's an epic quest to work up from a humble lab to a true global threat by the power of resource management and careful choices of short term objectives.

We don't have a user interace yet, although work on that is progressing. We did add a simple debugigng aid to allow us to poke at bits of the game state, so we can test that things work, so we can at least show that.

We did add a fair amount of the basic game logic and flow, and the designs looking quite clean (although that will probably change by the end of the week), so we should be able to add extra content fairly easily and quickly.

We also have some tests, and they even pass, so that's nice.