Working version


A working copy is uploaded. The game is kind of finished, I should polish the try-import-except-write_what_to_install part, and add more info to the readme.

The game is a mindless shooter, with some story appended.

Main dependecies are pygame, pygext, and through pygext Numeric, pyOpenGL, and maybe Polygon

Have fun!

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Sorry, didn't work:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 138, in ?
    class PlayerBloodSystem(BitmapParticleSystem):
NameError: name 'BitmapParticleSystem' is not defined
*cough* sorry, I totally missed the bit about dependencies :(
Damn, that's hard :)

Could you possibly have a little break in the action every now and then? Let the baddies come in waves...

Good idea. I'll see if time lets me do that.

I also tought about lowering the win condition, since it's hard even for me to hold out that long (trick: don't kill all the bastards, just keep the slow ones lag behind.. however, a more intelligent monster-behaviour could take shortcuts etc.. time time time :d)

Thanks for the comment! :)