I am an awful musician.

For the compo I made all the music and sound effects myself with a microphone. The song was played on both a drum and a kalimba that I bought on a missionary trip to Africa years ago. To put it succinctly, I've never took music lessons, my sense of rhythm is pretty terrible, but hey, I made it myself.

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Jackd+Qsynth(soundfont)+Rosegaren+timemachine = decent music
Hmm... Fluidsynth, looks interesting. I'll see what it's all about. Thanks.
Wait... So can I use fluidsynth to dynamically create music from within a C program?
I was talking render the midi file to a audiofile. But yes, you can use the fluidsynth for play midi files. SDL_mixer can use fluidsynth for this task. I warning you that is CPU intensive.
Well I can still generate my sounds in C or Python then and use them later.