My game is a genetics based breeding platformer game.

In the game you breed creatures to traverse the platforms and gain immortality which has been lost due to mutations. Mutations are downhill, information can be deleted but not gained by mutation. Most of the variety in the creatures actually arises from their original created genome. And through changing the allele frequencies, different creatures arise with different abilities which will aid in getting the immortality genes back into the genepool. The creatures are diploid, so they have two copies of each gene which allows for dominant and recessive as well as codominant traits.

If anyone wants to try it, the link is Py_Ed.

P. S. if anyone beats it I would like to know "how" (What kind of creatures they bred, what path they took) they did it to see if anyone has done it through someway that I have not thought of.

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It is quite awesome! I've managed to jump across the gap, but there is nothing on the other side. I cannot get up into the bowl. Hints?
Hint: Have you bred a round creature without legs?
Thanks :).