Mutable Mamba!

We made it!
In Mutable Mamba our intrepid hero, the ever-changing mamba, overcomes a host of obstacles to find fame and success!

The game is simple, but addictive -- as evidenced by the development time lost to playing the game and making increasingly difficult levels. Proof that the later levels are survivable is left as an exercise for the judges. :)

Despite the distractions we think me managed to put a decent amount of polish on the game (certainly more than our PyWeek 12 entry). Today's work included: more snake control tweaks, a splash screen, a credits screen, lots of editor UI neatening, tons of levels, music tracks, packaging (Windows ZIP, Windows Installer, OS X dmg, Debian package, Unix tarball).

Our game includes a full-featured level editor -- we hope everyone will have as much fun making levels as we have and share their levels by uploading them (click upload in the level editor).  We'll be curating levels during the judging period and making them available for everyone to play (via the network levels screen).  Your edited levels are saved locally.

Towards the end our team of mutant squirrel level designers went a little insane and made such gems as Arrow Maze (look sharp!), Ant Farm (methamphetamines may help here), Mamba (feared in its natural habitat) and Happy Fun Times (exactly what it says on the tin).
We're looking forward to judging all the games -- and having everyone inflict their levels on us!

Good night!
The Mamba Team

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It turns out the .exe file created by my build-for-Windows-under-Wine process had invalid EXE checksums that made *some* versions of Windows think the executable was invalid. Checksums fixed and new Windows builds uploaded.
great game! <3
Looking forward to playing your game. Tomorrow tho, kind of tired =]
User testing by the developers immediately after uploading last night suggests that this ours is definitely not a game to attempt while tired (unless you like hugging walls :).