Poor time management.

Well here it is, I did a little bit but nothing significant until Wednesday, when I had a long weekend free. Unfortunately I was the victim of an attempted robbery on Wednesday and the subsequent things I had to deal with took up my Thursday and I spent Friday recovering. In any case, with some coffee I managed to make something semi playable, although much less complete than I had hoped.

There are way more things I wanted to do, just as progressing difficulty levels and limiting the creatures the player can spawn as it is currently too easy. Better graphics and a menu would have been nice too. All in all, a nice experience, although the rush at the end made my code quality really fall. So now it's pretty ugly. If I decide to spend more time on this, there are definitely a lot of things I can do.

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oh, sorry. Take care. At least you are still alive, no?
Congrats on finishing after your ordeal! I think that shows either good time management, or at least good effort.