My first PyWeek comes to an end, please welcome the unpredictable invader!

Hi again,
PyWeek comes to an end! Well, there are still a little than two hours left, but I don't think I'll achieve anything more.
So, here is my final (or almost) version, please test it and all! It even includes a copy of pyglet for debarra (sorry guy, no exe, I don't do exe)!

I'm pretty happy with the result, as it works quite well and is pretty addictive.
However, I had to cut down on various things: I originally planned to make an awesome, playable intro, but I soon came to the realisation that I am no graphist.
The same happened to the game's background: I planned to do one for each level, and in the end, there are none.
Until a few hours ago, I wanted to include music (I've even found 4 decent tracks under a free license), however, avbin segfaults on my own computer, so, I won't take the risk (I could do everything in wav, though, but I fear it would take way too much space).

Anyway, this has been fun and I hope you'll enjoy Foreseen yet Unpredictable Invader!
Please give feedbacks so anything worthy could be fixed before the deadline!