Today we made a lot of levels and played them.  New levels include: a paint training level, a fire and water level, a small edible squeaky creature buffet level, an arrow-flipping level, a patriotic Doom level, a series of tubes level, a woot level and a peace level.  We sometimes even managed to complete levels we had written ourselves.

The level menu looks much nicer now -- there's a grid layout, all the levels have autogenerated thumbnails and the arrow keys actually do what you would expect them to do.  We removed level locking, which for the moment seemed like an unnecessary complication.

We tweaked some tiles, making the floor less eye-bleedingly hideous and the fire more right-way-up.  Movement was improved.  There is a generic eating sound, and a crash -- or rather splat -- for running into things you're not supposed to run into.

jerith heroically searched the intertubes for appropriately licensed music, most of which we immediately discarded for various frivolous reasons of personal taste, or because we recognised it from other indie games we had recently played.

drnlm has contracted some kind of horrible ailment and we haven't seen him in days, but he nevertheless managed to add button and gate sprites and various epic improvements to the level editor like the ability to edit sprites (useful for tunnels and gates/buttons).

We've set up a server which can be used to exchange levels.  I wrote a silly helper script which prints a list of possible partitions of the level area.  We also created a lengthy TODO document.

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woot :-)